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Manivela is a publishing house dedicated to promote and research contemporary art through publications.



Here, you will find artists' books, children's books, digital fanzines and much more.



Manivela means "crank", an old mechanism activated by the hand. Manivela spins thanks to the work, enthusiasm and engagement of the people who work here.



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In this interview, Minerva Salguero director of Manivela speaks about Nodos Editoriales in Barcelona.

Nodos Editoriales a project created by Manivela


When Manivela was invited to participate in the Book Fair ArtsLibris in Spain, it decided to invite more independent publishing houses from Mexico. This is how Nodos Editoriales was born, by invitation.


Each publishing house named another until it became a web. One of the main goals was to show the variety of publications from those made by hand, fanzines, to the hard cover art books. During the invitation process, all editors where interviewed. All this information will be publish at the end of the project. Another element included was an artist's books show and a series of lectures.


ArtsLibris was presented in the contemporary art fair ARCO in Madrid between the 24th and 28th of February and in Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona between the 21st and 24th of April 2016.



Our first artist's book "Sentóse a decidir" by Rodrigo Sastre, here is the booktrailer.

Rodrigo Sastre in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Photo: José Luis Landet

Ehibition of artist's book


"Sentóse a decidir" Vol. I

Rodrigo Sastre and Edgardo Ganado Kim

Look for it at ZONAM MACO 4-8 feb. 2015 Mexico City


ISBN 978-607-96726-1-4



"I protest through my work"


Open call to publish visual and literary work engaged to social and political conflicts in Mexico.

"Electriczine: Johnny Road Caminante"


Read online or download for free on iTunes all the issues of Johnny Road Caminante.



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